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We cordially invite you to the course Dr. Eva Reich’s Butterfly Touch Massage

Butterfly Touch Massage was first developed to support a healthy bond between parents and children. It became an effective and comprehensive tool for promoting a happy and joyful life at any age.
Who benefits?
Dr. Eva Reich’s Butterfly Touch Massage individual course is dedicated to anyone who is interested in improving their health and overall quality of life, women expecting a baby and parents who are looking for new ways to support their child’s development.

The course agenda
The course includes two individual sessions. These can be attended by one person, a couple or parents.

1st Session
The first session is 2 hours long. It is intended only for adults.
During the meeting the basic rules on how to perform Butterfly Touch Massage at work with adults, pregnant women and children are presented. The attendee receives a massage while lying down through the clothing. Then the details of each movement in the massage are explained, discussed and practiced.

2nd Session
The second session is recommended a week or later after the first session. For this session the parents can come with the children. The session is 30 minutes long.
If the parents came with a child the parents perform Butterfly Touch Massage on the child, guided by the therapist. During the session the massage technique is clarified. This is also the time answer any questions.
If one person or a couple took an individual course, then the meeting is devoted to the re-practice of the Butterfly Touch Massage sequence. It is also the time to explain, refine and answer questions regarding the use of the massage.
At the end of the course participants receive a certificate of completion.

Instructor: Zofia Malachowska, psychologist, Certified Butterfly Touch Massage Teacher (one of the three certified instructors in Poland), since 2013 has been running Dr. Eva Reich’s Butterfly Touch Massage courses for parents and professionals working with children and adults.

Information and registration: Perspective – Counseling Center for Relations and Mental Health,
mobile: 536 000 566, email: kontakt@perspektywy.waw.pl

Perspektywy. Ośrodek Relacji i Zdrowia Psychicznego
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